Newcastle United

Newcastle United

In 1881, Stanley Cricket Club formed a football team to keep them occupied through the winter. In 1892 it moved to its current home, St James’s Park, and shortly afterwards changed its name to Newcastle United. Among their honours are 6 FA Cup wins.
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Next fixture: Saturday 13/02/16
Last fixture: Saturday 06/02/16
Upcoming fixtures:
Saturday 13/02/16 | 17:30 Chelsea FC Chelsea FC vs Newcastle United Newcastle United
Sunday 28/02/16 | 12:00 Newcastle United Newcastle United vs Manchester City Manchester City
Wednesday 02/03/16 | 19:45 Stoke City Stoke City vs Newcastle United Newcastle United
Saturday 05/03/16 | 15:00 Newcastle United Newcastle United vs AFC Bournemouth AFC Bournemouth
Monday 14/03/16 | 20:00 Leicester City Leicester City vs Newcastle United Newcastle United
Sunday 20/03/16 | 13:30 Newcastle United Newcastle United vs Sunderland Sunderland

Team information:

  • Nickname
    The Magpies
  • Stadium
    St James' Park
  • Current position
  • Total points
25Games played
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